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Hit the Trails With Purpose: An Outdoor Lifestyle Brand Striving for Hiking Trail Restoration

Updated: Jun 10

Welcome to our inaugural blog post at Don't Waste Our Trails, an outdoor lifestyle brand with a heart deeply rooted in the great outdoors. Our mission is to play an active role in restoring and preserving America's hiking trails, ensuring they remain a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

The Call of the Trails

There's something magical about hiking. It's more than just a sport or a pastime; it's a journey into the heart of nature. Whether it's the rugged trails of Utah or the diverse pathways that crisscross our beautiful country, each trail has a story to tell. However, these stories are at risk. Erosion, overuse, and a lack of maintenance threaten the very essence of our beloved trails.

Our Commitment to Hiking Trail Restoration

At Don't Waste Our Trails, trail restoration is not just an activity; it's a commitment to the environment and future generations of hikers. Through our initiatives, we aim to revive and maintain trails, ensuring they are safe, accessible, and more beautiful than ever. From clearing debris to reinforcing trail structures, our efforts are focused on sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Hiking Gear: Your Trail Companion

We understand that the right hiking gear is crucial for an enjoyable and safe hiking experience. That's why the products we promote and sell are designed with the needs of the modern hiker in mind. From durable clothing to essential accessories, our gear is tested on the trails of Utah, known for their challenging terrain and breathtaking beauty. We believe that when you're well-equipped, you're ready to fully immerse yourself in the hiking experience.

A group of hikers standing near a lake
Hikers by a lake

Hiking at Home in Utah: A Treasure Trove of Trails

Utah's trails are a paradise for hikers. With diverse landscapes ranging from the red rock deserts of Moab to the alpine forests of the Wasatch Range, Utah offers a hiking experience like no other. Our blog will feature in-depth guides, trail reviews, and personal stories from these trails, providing you with insider tips and inspiring tales from the trails.

Founder of Don't Waste Our Trails
Lonny Winegar

A Sneak Peek into Upcoming Posts by Lonny Winegar

Stay tuned for insightful posts by Lonny Winegar, our founder. With years of experience in hiking and trail restoration, Lonny brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to our community. From personal anecdotes about Utah trails to practical advice on choosing the right hiking gear, his posts are not to be missed.

Your Role in Trail Preservation

We believe that every hiker has a role to play in preserving our trails. Whether it's practicing Leave No Trace principles or volunteering for trail restoration projects, your actions make a difference. Through this blog, we aim to empower and inspire you to join us in our mission to protect and enhance America's hiking trails.


As we traverse this trail together, we look forward to sharing our projects, progress and adventures with you. Our blog is a tribute to the trails we love and a step towards ensuring they remain a source of joy and exploration for years to come. Let's lace up our boots, pack our gear, and set out on an adventure that promises to be both rewarding and inspiring.

Happy trails!

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