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Trail Restoration Project: Dirt & Donuts at Adams Canyon

Updated: Jan 16

A Most Beloved Trail

A chilly Saturday morning in November marked a significant milestone for the Utah hiking community and Don't Waste Our Trails, as volunteers gathered for a trail restoration project at Adams Canyon in Davis County. This event not only showcased the spirit of community projects but also reinforced the importance of trail maintenance in preserving Utah's natural beauty.

Adams Canyon, a gem among Utah trails, has been a favorite for local hikers including our founder, Lonny Winegar. However, like many natural trails, it faced challenges such as erosion, graffiti, and wear from frequent use. Understanding the need for action, Don't Waste Our Trails organized a community volunteer event, inviting outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers to give back to the trail that has given so many memorable hiking experiences.

Dirt & Donuts

The response was overwhelming. Dozens of volunteers, equipped with shovels, rakes, and a shared passion for Utah hiking, embarked on the trail early in the morning. The primary goals were clear: backfill eroded sections of the trail, remove unsightly graffiti, and rebuild and reinforce posts and fences to ensure safer and more sustainable trail conditions.

One of the highlights of the day was the collaborative effort in backfilling the eroded parts of the trail. Volunteers, young and old, worked tirelessly, showcasing an admirable dedication to trail conservation. This effort not only helped to restore the trail's integrity but also prevented future erosion, a vital aspect of trail maintenance.

Graffiti removal was another critical task tackled by the volunteers. Using eco-friendly solutions, the team worked diligently to erase the graffiti, restoring the natural aesthetic of the canyon. This task, while challenging, was essential in preserving the natural beauty of Adams Canyon, a hallmark of Utah's trails.

In addition to the hard work, there was also room for enjoyment and community building. Donuts and coffee were served, allowing volunteers to bond over their shared love for the outdoors. The atmosphere was lively and positive, with everyone contributing to the cause while having a great time.

Community Contribution

The impact of this event went beyond just the physical restoration of the trail. It fostered a sense of community and highlighted the importance of collective efforts in preserving our natural environment. The county recognized this too. In a gesture of gratitude, Davis County sent a heartfelt letter to Don't Waste Our Trails, acknowledging the significant contribution to the local community and environment.

This trail restoration project at Adams Canyon is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together. It serves as a model for future community projects in Utah and beyond, emphasizing the role we all play in trail maintenance and environmental stewardship.

Get Involved

Don't Waste Our Trails continues to lead the way in organizing such impactful events. For those inspired by this story and looking to participate in future projects, reach out! We'd love to add you to our email list to join us at the next restoration project. Together, we can ensure that the beauty and accessibility of Utah's hiking trails are preserved for generations to come.

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